14 thoughts on “Choosing the best savings account in the Philippines

    […] you want to put your money to savings account you can refer to my previous post about choosing the best savings account in the Philippines to help you decide where to place your emergency […]


    (October 11, 2016 - 11:41 am)

    Intsghis like this liven things up around here.

      Liza Chua

      (January 14, 2017 - 5:38 pm)

      Thanks Latricia.
      We’re happy to be able to help.

    […] to create your savings account? How do we choose the right bank to open a savings account with?  We narrowed down the best saving accounts in the […]

    Effects of Inflation | The Two Frugals

    (January 17, 2018 - 9:20 am)

    […] frugal can help you save money. While cash and other highly liquid assets like high interest savings deposit accounts are often considered to be the safest places to put your money, the impact of inflation can quickly […]

    […] ends is very ideal but can happen. So if you have Php 10,000 that you are planning to add into your high interest savings for a longer term, think again. With this simple computation, you can easily see how you can […]

    […] your favorite SB coffee can already give you Php360K saving. So how much money do you have in your high yield savings today? Do you want to add Php360K to your savings account? If your answer is yes, then stop buying […]

    Staycations in Manila | The Two Frugals

    (January 17, 2018 - 9:24 am)

    […] places may seem a bit pricey at first glance, but if we have to take into account the high savings we had on airfare, bus fare or just gas plus the amount of time we saved on travelling. Staycations […]

    […] do whatever you want, if you really can’t stand it. But before that, do one thing. Remember the high yield savings passbook I gave you on your wedding day? Take out all money and spend it first. You shouldn’t […]

    […] next financial resolution is quite original; it is to check banks with best high yield savings and save more. Last year I saved at least ten percent (10%) of my monthly salary. It was hard […]

    […] to lose. So it’s always a pre-requisite to build your emergency fund and have separate high interest earning savings account first in case of […]

    Why you need to invest | The Two Frugals

    (January 17, 2018 - 9:37 am)

    […] eat up a big portion of your money in the future. That’s why you need to put your money in high savings account or invest it via mutual funds, stocks or other investment of your […]

    […] Lend – give lower returns, lower risk. Examples are – Bank products – banks with high yield savings rates, Time deposits, etc – Government Securities – Bonds, Bills, Goods – Corporate […]

    […] surely affect what we are in the future. So, the earlier the you place your money banks with the best high interest savings, mutual fund or other investment avenues then more money you will have in the […]

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