6 thoughts on “Building your emergency fund

    […] rate (around 2-3% per annum) having a bank savings account is also a good way to secure your money, build your emergency fund and to stay liquid especially during emergencies when you need money immediately. I usually allot […]

    […] Pump up your Emergency Fund – If you don’t have any debt that you need to pay (kudos to you!) then this is the perfect time to build your emergency fund. Since you still have your salary, why not put the remaining 90% of your bonus to your emergency fund or allot 70% and spend the 20% for anything you want. What’s important is that you first put a portion of that extra money for your emergency fund. […]

    […] accident I figured out that I was able to reach my target emergency fund for this year. I dont know how much to save for emergency fund but I was able to save enough to and use it to cover my expenses for the accident and without it […]

    […] you know that you can already use that money to start your emergency fund, open a mutual fund account or UITF fund or paying a bad […]

    […] that you won’t need in the next five years or willing to lose. So it’s always a pre-requisite to build your emergency fund and have separate savings account first in case of […]

    […] tomorrow it can be gone. That’s why we need to be prepared in handling emergency situations and building your emergency fund is a […]

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