Are You an OFW Like Me?

OFW - Online Filipino WorkerI’ve been working at home for more than six years already and this is my first time to write an article about it. My first job is in a corporate world in Makati in 2004 but after two years, the company closed. My second job is already home based which is more about supervising 17 people in an IT firm in Quezon City. I only report to work or meet my boss and subordinates once or twice a month.

For the past years, people have been asking me about my job and each time I’d say it’s a home based job, I would always see a big question mark on their faces. Internet jobs are just starting to boom during that time and most people especially those not technologically inclined individuals don’t know about it. There are many times I receive replies like…”Ahh tambay ka ngayon?” or “Ahh you’re helping your parents in the household chores?” or “Ahh you’re still looking for a job?” Yes, reaction like these can be embarrassing at times, depending on how it was delivered to me.

After a while I started using the term “telecommuting” which is the right term to describe this kind of work set up. But it has drawn a bigger question mark on their faces. Sometimes, I find myself explaining what I do in a very technical manner. Few people will start to understand but more often than not, I receive nods and the smart-like-acting response just “ahh…” as if they truly understand. ha ha ha.

Then, one day Jeff who also used to be my coworker in my first and second job told me that when people ask me what my job is, I’ll answer them that I’m an OFW – Online Filipino Worker. Lately I’ve been using the term and people would normally smile and easily understand that I work online. No further explanation needed unless they would follow up.   I’d say that this idea from Jeff made things easier for me. So if you’re like me who is struggling to find words to explain our job, answering them that I’m a proud OFW will be a clever one.

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2 thoughts on “Are You an OFW Like Me?

    […] I used to be coworkers and working for an online company before. So like her, I used to be an OFW (Online Filipino Worker) before. The term OFW was to simply explain our work to people who are not technologically […]

    (May 18, 2017 - 5:34 pm)

    “That’s me!” It’s the thought I have while reading the title.

    Then in the end I could still say “That’s me again!”

    Online Filipino Worker is indeed a clever way to explain working from home. I’m glad to find kababayan who are doing online jobs. It is possible to ditch the corporate world.

    And I can say that, as an overseas Filipino worker, it is possible to work part-time online. The only downside is people expect you to answer phone calls or go in an unplanned trip just because I’m at HOME.

    It’s a challenge to say NO but it must be done. Looking forward to learn more of the two frugals journey.

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