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How to make money online

Liza and I used to be coworkers and working for an online company before. So like her, I used to be an OFW (Online Filipino Worker) before. The term OFW was to simply explain our work to people who are not technologically inclined. It’s easier for them to understand what it is than explaining what my actual work is.

The internet spewed a lot of bogus companies that are offering online jobs and if you want to be an OFW like us then you should try to check if the company offering the job is not a bogus one. Today, you can find a lot of people who are aware that they can also make money online by working at home for a company based in a different country. This kind of work is also known as telecommuting and because Filipinos are known to be good in English language and work ethic these have help us to be in the forefront of this global trend of remote employment.

Working at home is a good way in making money online. The abundance of global job marketplace makes it perfect for us Pinoys who want to make extra money or maybe just like Liza who is currently working as a fulltime OFW.

The following are online job marketplace where employers can search for employees and employees can search for specific jobs suited for them.

Odesk logooDesk ( is a global job marketplace with a series of tools targeted at businesses that intend to hire and manage remote workers. Based in Redwood City, CA, oDesk was founded in 2005 by Greek entrepreneurs Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis.





elance logoElance ( is where businesses go to find, hire, collaborate with and pay top online freelancers from 170+ countries. It is based in Mountain View, California.





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Freelancer ( Hire freelance programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry & more at a fraction of the cost on the World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace. It is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business. Freelancer also acquired VWorker and Scriptlance making it one of the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing market place by number of users and projects.



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Guru ( provides businesses with the ability to find the help they need from a variety of talented Freelancers worldwide. Guru is another online marketplace for Pinoy freelance talent.






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