Secret to Becoming Rich According to Francisco Colayco

I once read a book entitled “The Magic of Thinking Big” by┬áDavid J. Schwartz and it has changed my mindset towards achieving my goals. While reading, I found myself asking questions like “why these things aren’t part of the education curriculum?”. It’s a sad truth.

This is also my same sentiment about the importance of educating children on how to save money and how to spend it, wisely. I believe that as early as childhood, children must be taught how to manage finances so they will be equipped with correct information as they grow up. Unfortunately, this did not happen to me. I can only remember my Math teachers teaching me how to compute but not how to save. My parents are not also aware of these things.

This video of Francisco Colayco, a known financial guru was old but it still hold a valuable truth that will wake our senses about saving money up to this day. His interview in a Power House episode with Mel Tiangco is in Tagalog (Filipino language) so I’m pretty sure that if you are a Filipino and have come across our blog in finding some financial lessons, this interview will surely give you a comprehensive understanding.

It’s good to learn pieces of advice being said by gurus themselves, watching it as if they are talking to me. I don’t have enough time to read books but I’m thankful that I’m able to take advantage one of the most notable benefits of the digital age – free information… and this one is from an expert.

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