What is Mutual Fund?

This video was posted two years ago and it explains (in Filipino language) what is a “mutual fund”. It also has examples that will help every Juan to easily understand and grasp how mutual fund works. Thank you for Pesos and Sense for this video.

I started doing Balanced Fund (a Sunlife product) three years ago but I was at halt for the last 1 1/2 years because my finances is so tight and I only got little to save. I was building my house back then.

I know it’s not a good excuse and I regret those times that I wasn’t able to fill in my investments. Nevertheless, it’s still earning up to this day. And I have a new house which is also an investment. Now, I’m coming back again to continue what I have started. And just like you, I’m back to Mutual Funds 101. Let’s start learning together.

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I'm a travel blogger and currently working from home as an SEO Consultant. I'm have so much passion about discovering things and writing those things in my blogs. I'm open to new learning especially if it's about saving money and how it will work for me. Follow me @womenality to connect me on Twitter and Instagram.

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