Why you need to invest

I just saw this the other day and I find it really informative. Regardless of the company featured in the commercial, this video shows you why you should invest your money. If you already started saving and already have allotted money for your emergency fund then the next step for you is to start investing.

Why? Because inflation can eat up a big portion of your money in the future.

Inflation is a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. Meaning, your 100 pesos today will not have the same value in the future because of inflation. Prices of things will increase and your purchasing power will decrease. I remember when the jeepney fare was still less than 2 pesos (darn im old!) and now minimum jeepney fare is already 8 pesos and will increase to 8.50 by next month. One way to beat inflation is to invest your money so that the return will be equal or higher than the inflation rate.

Sun Life “Piggy Bank” TV commercial 2014

Post Author: Jeff Eugenio

I am currently employed in an IT Firm in Makati and trying to be a true frugal pinoy. Lately, I’ve been very amused on learning stocks and other investment products such as mutual funds, UITF and the like. I also started saving money for my emergency fund and my investment portfolio includes the following: mutual fund, forex and P2P lending.

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