2015 Financial Goals

Whats your 2015 Money or Financial GoalsIt is already 2015! What are your financial goals for 2015?

Last quarter of 2014 was a bumpy road for me. There were a lot of uncontrolled spending about unplanned trips and expenses during Christmas season.

Here in the Philippines, once the “BER Months” (months ending in BER) kicks in you know that its already Christmas season. Aside from that, you will also hear Christmas songs played on almost all radio stations and even on TV.

Plus the fact that I started on a new job… So in short… I took the chaos route to financial doom.

Anyway, I am still thankful that It was not as scary and financially draining like what happened to me last 2013.

So, even though some Money Guru advises to ditch Money Resolutions this 2015 because they simply don’t work I still want to have one. Why? Because I want to start the year with some finance goals that I want to achieve.

My 2015 Financial Goals:

1. Resume my regular contribution to my mutual fund account First Metro Asset Management, Inc. (FAMI) Save and Learn Equity Fund.

2. Enroll my payroll account to auto saving which will automatically invest in Balance Mutual Fund.

3. Plan for a small business i.e. Food Cart, Laundry Shop, Taxi and UV Express.

4. Complete my emergency fund target.


How about you? Do you already have any financial plans or goals this 2015?

Maybe you can share it with us by commenting below.

Post Author: Jeff Eugenio

I am currently employed in an IT Firm in Makati and trying to be a true frugal pinoy. Lately, I’ve been very amused on learning stocks and other investment products such as mutual funds, UITF and the like. I also started saving money for my emergency fund and my investment portfolio includes the following: mutual fund, forex and P2P lending.

2 thoughts on “2015 Financial Goals

    Nat A.

    (April 15, 2015 - 3:15 pm)

    Nice goals! I am yet to complete my initial emergency plan target for 2015.. I just started working last year so 50k lang muna for my emergency fund. Just like you there were a lot of unplanned spending last December for me, I hope to be more frugal and conscious in my spending 🙂 that’s my resolution/plan for 2015 and maybe start a mutual fund/UITF. Hope to communicate with you. Been longing to have a financial buddy 🙂 Yung ibang blogs kasi hinde na updated ang posts 🙂

      Jeff Eugenio

      (April 16, 2015 - 6:59 am)

      Kudos to you Nat for having the discipline to save money for your emergency fund!

      Read and research first before you invest in any Mutual Fund or UITF so you can fully understand how they work and the risk associated on those investment funds.

      Always remember to pay your self first and do not forget the golden rule in saving:

      Income – Savings = Expenses

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