2015 Financial New Year's resolution

Financial New Year’s Resolution

One of our avid readers, Patricia has shared her financial New Year’s resolution. Reading through her notes made me ponder and re-think my goals for this year. This really makes a lot of sense! Thank you Patricia for sharing your goals to us!

2015 Financial New Year's resolution

2015 Financial New Year’s resolution

My 2014 financial goals were easily met. Considering that 2013 was a crazy year for me and my family and that I was left with zero savings at the end of the year, my goal for last year was simply “End with more on your bank account than what you started with.” Not to say I was irresponsible with my finances; but after three years of non-stop work I had wanted something more to show for it.

My first financial goal for 2015 is to invest in my health more. This doesn’t seem like a financial goal strictly speaking, but it really is. This goal includes getting all of my vaccines in check. When my boyfriend’s aunt got diagnosed with cervical cancer, one of my first thoughts was “this was preventable”; but then I remember I haven’t gotten my HPV shots as well, because I thought the price was too steep. Investing in my health will help me avoid huge expenditures on hospital bills in the future. So, yes, it is a financial investment.

My next financial resolution is quite original; it is to check banks with best high yield savings and save more. Last year I saved at least ten percent (10%) of my monthly salary. It was hard considering I was shouldering a lot of expenses, but now that my brother is finally graduating in four months and I won’t have to pay for his tuition anymore, I want to be able to save up to twenty percent (20%) this year.

I always upheld the idea of balancing life and living. I agree that we should save for retirement and for emergencies and that we should invest for our financial security in the future. But I also don’t want to overdo it. I don’t want to live under a rock for twenty years just so I can be a glammed out fifty year old. At least for now, I want to keep my New Year’s financial resolutions simple and attainable.

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