PhilHealth New Case Rates

PhilHealth New Case Rates

Call this ‘late post’ or ‘ignorance’ at some point, but it’s only today that we learned about new PhilHealth case rates that was released in 2011. It’s been a while since one of the members of the family has been hospitalized and now we are updating ourselves with the new policy. And now we know!

My nephew need to have an immediate operation due to appendicitis yesterday. He is only 5 years old. The doctor said that he’s already out of danger and the bill came just this morning. The mother, who is my sister will use her PhilHealth membership and it’s just ironic that we only came to realize that benefits come now in package. Anyways, I’m re-posting it here from PhilHealth’s website for those who are still not aware like us. Their new policy and as per their aim about having package rates is really helpful so at least members know how much will be covered, giving us the option to choose the hospital.

PhilHealth New Case Rates

PhilHealth New Case Rates

Here’s an excerpt from “New Case Rate Packages from PhilHealth

Among the medical cases and the corresponding package rates are Dengue I (P8,000.00), Dengue II (P16,000.00), Pneumonia I (P15,000.00), Pneumonia II (P32,000.00), Essential Hypertension (P9,000.00), Cerebral Infarction (CVA I, P28,000.00), Cerebro-vascular Accident with Hemorrhage (CVA II, P38,000.00), Acute Gastroenteritis (P6,000.00), Asthma (P9,000.00), Typhoid Fever (P14,000.00), and Newborn Care Package in Hospitals and Lying-in clinics (P1,750.00).

On the other hand, the surgical procedures include Radiotherapy (P3,000.00 per session), Hemodialysis (P4,000.00 per session), Maternity Care Package (MCP, P8,000.00) coupled with the Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) Package in Level 1 (P8,000.00) and Levels 2-4 hospitals (P6,500.00), Caesarian Section (P19,000.00), Appendectomy (P24,000.00), Cholecystectomy (P31,000.00), Dilatation and Curettage (P11,000.00), Thyroidectomy (P31,000.00), Herniorrhaphy (P21,000.00), Mastectomy (P22,000.00), Hysterectomy (P30,000.00) and Cataract Surgery (P16,000.00).

Truly, cases like this is inevitable. Today you’re healthy and all of a sudden you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Being equipped with knowledge and of course, having health funds or cards/memberships are prerequisites to ensure that you can go through this trying time without hurting your budget and savings a lot.

I’m an individual paying my PhilHealth and now rethinking hard of getting another health card. Any suggestion or tips?

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