Beat the summer heat

Frugal Activities To Try With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for everyone to be more laid back and let your inner child have embrace the summer weather. This is also the perfect time to create great memories with your child because summer is usually one of those days that kids remember about their childhoods — and of you. So let loose and show them how much you love them and that you are not all about rules, grades and vegetables.

Here are some ideas on how to give your kids a summer that they will remember forever.

1. Staycations
Staycations are basically vacations that are spent close to home. You can find hotel discounts for summer that are near your home. This one really works specially if you are on a tight budget and still want to have a fun and affordable getaway for you and your family. Read our article about Staycations in Manila here. 

2. Bike Riding

Summer time is also the perfect time to teach your kids how to ride a bike or make biking as your family’s regular group exercise. It’s time to remove the dusts on your bicycles and helmets and go out for a bike ride! Ride over to your local park or maybe try a new bike trail with your family. Go out and get those wheels in motion!

3. Movie Night

Ready your popcorn and your old movies like E.T., The Princess Bride, Goonies or maybe you’re your kid’s favorite flick. Better yet, create a bonds by snugging and cuddling under your blankets on your bed.

4. Summer Olympics

Create your own Family Summer Olympics by setting up outdoor activities like swimming, games and other activities. Outdoor games can help improve your kids physiques just be sure to prepare some nifty prizes at the end!

5. Make Homemade Popsicle

Beat the summer heat by making your own inexpensive Popsicle or ice candy at home. There are unlimited flavors that you can try and for a more healthy choice you can opt for naturally sweetened options. Mix, freeze and enjoy!

6. Go Fly A Kite
You can buy one cheaply or make your own kite for timeless fun. Older kids especially might get a kick out of making their own kites and seeing them fly.


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Beat the summer heat

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