Money saving tips on Halloween

How to save some money this Halloween

Here in the Philippines, Halloween party is becoming more popular especially with kids. It’s the time of the year where you can dress up and become any character you want and even give you the rights to scare people especially the kids. But like any kind of celebration, it can also cost you money to celebrate Halloween. So we listed some money saving tips that you can follow so you can still enjoy Halloween the frugal way.

Money saving tips on Halloween
Here are some tips on How to save some money this Halloween:

1. If you are buying a new Halloween costume then do not forget to use a coupon.
2. You can also use a coupon for your candy. There are candy stores now that are offering discounts via coupon.
3. Check out the dollar store (Daiso and 99 Pesos Shop are popular here in the metro) where you can buy branded candy for $1 a bag (88 pesos at Daiso and 99 Pesos in 99 Pesos Shop). You can’t go wrong with that!
4. Don’t drive all over the town to Trick or Treat. Some office have Trick or Treat events where you can bring your children to the office to Trick or Treat.
5. You can also visit nearby malls to see if they have something special for trick and treaters. Malls usually hold Trick or Treat events. Just be cautious because children tends to beg for toys when in malls.
6. Make your own costume or decoration using items found around the house. Do it yourself (DIY) Halloween decorations and costumes can also be a fun bonding activity with your family.
7. Check out what materials in your home that you can recycle to create Halloween decorations.
8. If you are going to buy Halloween decors then don’t go cheap on decorations. Make sure that you purchase decorations that will last year to year and store them carefully. You should buy Halloween decorations after the holiday is completed. You can expect to save up to 90% on Halloween decors.
9. Last, do not forget to enjoy and take a lot of pictures. Keep in mind that it’s not always about money but a time to let loose a little and create special memories with your family and friends.

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