Perks of Being Scholar

Perks of Being a Scholar

Perks of Being Scholar

Perks of Being Scholar

Being a Scholar is a dream of any college student. Why? Obviously the reason is that you will not spend any single cent in your tuition or you’ll have a big discount, unlike other students who paid a lot to finish their degree.

I myself a scholar since first year in Jose Rizal University, taking the course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is not an easy subject. You have to study very very hard and maintain the needed general average every semester to maintain the scholarship.

Our tuition is worth P25,000 above, I did not came from a rich family to afford this, but I am blessed because I became a scholar. I can proudly say that this is one of the greatest thing that God has given to me, an opportunity to be a scholar and now a candidate for Cumlaude. I am now in my fourth year and will be graduating this coming April 1, 2016.

Maintaining my scholarship is very ambitious to do, but it is worth it. In my own experience, every time I will apply for scholarship, then I will told my mother that it was approved she will hug me and kiss me, saying “I am very proud of you”. Every time I remember that, I feel very happy and thankful to God, for another blessing. And one of the best thing too or you can say annoying, is that I am popular in our university, I am known as a smart, diligent person, and honestly many students wants to be my friend, sometimes they just want me as a friend for high grades. It makes me feel sad, but that is a fact and there’s nothing I can do about it. But I don’t mind if I don’t have a lot of friends, the important thing to me is that I am doing the right thing where God will be glorified.

When you became a scholar, you will surely have this

-High Grades
-Free tuition fee
-University Popular
-Lots of Friends
-Future Purposes (Career, Work)
-Have an opportunity to be an Honor student
-Your parents will be glad (Stress free)
-Self Confidence
-You can save more money
-Professors will like you
-Happiness and Contentment

So why not study hard? And achieve the Perks of being a Scholar.

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