how much morning coffee costing you

How much your coffee actually costs you

A friend of mine who i haven’t get in touched with for some time suddenly asked me:

Besh! Kamusta ka na? When are you free? Lets have coffee.

Sounds familiar? Power!

No my friend, i wont fall to that kind of invite ever again!

Anyway, have you already had your coffee fix this cold and rainy morning?

Do you prefer your coffee instant or brewed from popular coffee shop so that its more “sosyal”?

Do you know how much your coffee costs you?

If you opt to buy one from popular coffee shop it will usually costs you around 150 pesos.

Meron dyan iba SB padin ang trip kahit na 200 pesos nalang ang laman ng wallet nya!

Its not good for you and your wallet!

how much morning coffee costing you

This is how much your coffee consumption actually costs you a year.

If you buy coffee everyday that costs 150:

150 Php x 30 = 4500 Php

If you buy coffee only once a week, it will costs you:

150 Php x 4 = 600 Php

If you only buy coffee to reward your self ever payday, it will costs you:

150 Php x 2 = 300 Php


Besh in a year how much do you usually spend on coffee?

4500 Php x 12 = 54000 Php
600 Php x 12 = 7200 Php
150 Php x 12 = 1800 Php


Now, multiply that by the number of years you are working and check out how much you already spent on coffee alone.

Partida na friend wala pa dyan ung mga extra coffee dates mo or yung times na nanglibre ka ng coffee, or ung nilibre mo ung long time no see mo na friend tapos dadalhin ka lang pala sa seminar for networking! Power diba?


Lets say you only buy coffee during payday and you already working for 5 years.

You already spent 9000 Pesos for coffee in span of 5 years.

How much your coffee actually costs you

Do you know that you can already use that money to start your emergency fund, open a mutual fund account or UITF fund or paying a bad debt?

So next time you crave for a cold or hot coffee consider these numbers and think if its something you really “want or need”.

If you want to be a true blue frugal pinoy then you have to aware on your expenditures, budgeting and making your money grow.

So ano mga besh, open minded ka ba? Coffee tayo?


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