Ways to save money

Ways to Save Money

It’s difficult to save money but everyone wants to save and reach their financial goals. What we have below are the ways from successful persons who actually save money by doing these simple steps. All we need is discipline to save, Yes! you heard it right discipline will help you to save more, start to stop tricking yourself and start saving a lot. You can use the extra cash to funding your emergency fund, to pay your debt or to start investing in mutual funds or place it on stocks.

3 Ways to Save Money

Every Coin is Important

Ways to Save Money

Start by saving every coin you received. The story of Janeth also called the “Barya Quen” will inspire you to save your coins. From coins to tuition fee, do you know that Janeth saved a total of P45,000 in 3 months just by saving 5 pesos for her daughter’s tuition fee?

How is that possible? What’s her secret? She saved all her five and ten pesos coins she got from her sari-sari store. Yes, it’s possible with self-discipline, she’s determined to save for her daughter’s tuition and she reached her financial goal.

52-Week Money Challenge

52-Week Money Challenge

This news had been viral in social media and lot of Filipinos are inspired and start doing it. The story of Rheca Morroc also known as the “Kuripot Pinay” do the 52-week money challenged and managed to save over P60,000! So what is the 52 Week Challenge? It’s saving in pesos increments weekly. How does it work? If you decide to save 50 pesos in your first week, what you need to do is to double the money in the next week, total of P100, then by the third week, you need to triple the amount, do it incrementally, and you can be like Rheca who consistently saved and reached finish her 52 week money challenged.

P50 money saving Challenge

P50 money saving Challenge

A girl named Netizen Yona Abella make the social media her way to saved money. What’s her technique? She was able to save 846 pieces of P50 pesos in just 5 months. Yona said that she treats all her P50 bills as invisible. “For example nag bayad ka ng buong 500 pesos then ang sinukli sayo 4 na 50’s , yung 4pcs na 50’s dapat invisible sakin hindi ko siya pwedeng gastusin,” she stated on her post.

A lot of netizens have been inspired with Yona’s accomplishment, in her way of saving money.

Whether money saving challenge you will try what’s  important is for you to develop the habit of saving. Once you get the hang of it, you will surely be  successful on whatever money saving challenge you will take.

So, are you up for the challenge? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below. If you’ll ask me when is the time to save money? Now it is!


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