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Philippines New 5 Piso coin 2017

5 Peso and 1 Peso Old BSP Coin Series

Before you start saving checking every bank around the town to know which one is the best Best Savings Account in the Philippines, you should check out the news 5 Peso and 1 Peso coin series that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) circulated last year. By now, you may have already seen these new coins or maybe you already have spend those 5 Peso coins and thought that they were 1 Peso coins since they look similar in size and color.

The new 5 Peso coin were released last December 1, 2017 to commemorate the 154th birth anniversary of the father of the Philippine Revolution – Andres BonifacioAndres Bonifacio was born on November 30, 1863 to Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro.

The portrait of Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution, is etched on the obverse of the coin, along with the markings, “ANDRES BONIFACIO,” “5-PISO” and “REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS” in bold font and in microprints, and the mint mark.

The other side of the coin features the Tayabak, a Philippine endemic plant, the BSP logo, and “Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas” in microprint.

The new P5 NGC coin is 25 millimeters in diameter and weighs approximately 7.4 grams.

The other newly designed coins will be circulated starting January 2018.

To make it easier for you to distinguish the new coins, just refer to the chart below.

New Generation Currency (NGC) Coins Comparison Chart

New Generation Currency (NGC) Coins Comparison Chart



Top 3 Beaches with Hotels For Summer

Top 3 Beaches with Hotels For Summer
People in the Philippines surely feel the summer heat coming. And right now is the perfect time to go to the beach. Everybody wants to see and enjoy the beauty of the white sand, relish yourself into the crystal water with your love ones, adore looking the attractive sunrise and sunset — and now, I am giving you my assessment with top 3 beaches with hotel this summer. Sit back and take a moment to see the beauty of the beaches in the Philippines.

#1. Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel

Beach Front, Station 3 Angol, Boracay Island Philippines


This glamorous Beach is located in a cool, part of peaceful Station 3 is known as one of the world-class White Beach. This is an affordable luxury as its best, unique Services are waiting for you, including First-class international cuisine served in the exquisite beachfront location with spa Bella Isa just a few doors away, the hi-speed Wi-Fi on the island and a complementary electric vehicle service available to all guests.
It is also known for the exemplary amenity standards and the well-loved belief of exceptional Filipino generosity, kindly, loving staff and they want you to escalate the beauty of Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel and make you want to stay forever.

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#2. Angeles Beach Club Hotel
Don Juico Avenue, Malabanias Angeles City, Pampanga, Malabanas, Angeles / Clark, Philippines 2009

Angeles Beach Club Hotel is known as the ABC Hotel and of the greatest Beach Club Hotel in Angeles and Malabanas, Philippines. One of Asia’s most exceptional luxury unique hotel will give the satisfying summer getaway. Other than VIP package and incomparable luxury, ABC hotel has an extraordinary concept and one-of-a-kind approach to customer service, unlike any hotel you have ever been to.
ABC Hotel is in the heart of the district of Angeles City. With just a 10-minute drive from Clark International Airport, you can get this best luxury the boutique hotel offers comfort and luxury par excellence.


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#3. Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines


The seamless destination for travelers that will give you an awesome summer experience. Offering you 21 beachfront rooms and villas, given that an unprecedented level of privacy that’s hard to find at other establishments.
This hotel in Laiya beach resort will give you an accommodation that boasts in style and comfort with melding Balinese touches and modern traveler essentials. They make sure to treat their guests with top notch amenities, facilities and services.
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PDIC Usapang Pera Mga Dapat Alamin free ebook

Usapang Pera: Mga Dapat Alamin

PDIC Usapang Pera Mga Dapat Alamin free ebookPhilippines Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) is celebrating their 50th years of service to the Filipino People. One of PDIC’s campaigns is to spread and increase the financial literacy of every Juan in the country.

The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) was established on June 22, 1963 by Republic Act 3591 to provide depositor protection and help maintain stability in the financial system by providing permanent and continuing deposit insurance. Effective June 1, 2009, the maximum deposit insurance coverage is P500,000 per depositor. All deposit accounts by a depositor in a closed bank maintained in the same right and capacity shall be added together. A joint account shall be insured separately from any individually-owned deposit account.

Last February 26, 2014 PDIC won a prestigious Anvil Award of Merit for Usapang Pera: Mga Dapat Alamin, a guidebook that provides easy-to-understand guidance and aims to shed light on the intricacies of banking and financial transactions.

The Guidebook is a collaboration of PDIC and Efren Ll. Cruz, a well-known advocate of financial literacy here in the Philippines.

The Guidebook may be downloaded for free from PDIC website ( or you can also get your free copy by clicking the link below.

Download Usapang Pera: Mga Dapat Alamin

New SSS Contributions – 2014 Table

It’s time of the year when almost 80% of my salary go to paying some personal benefits.  The Social Security System (SSS) is just one of them. I pay for my own SSS contribution since I’m a freelancer.

Last December 2013, I heard from the news that there has been changes on the contribution price so I have to adjust my budget this year because I pay it annually. If you’re looking for it, then  here’s a copy of the 2014 Social Security Systems (SSS) Contribution.

Social Security Systems (SSS) 2014 Contribution Table

SSS 2014 Contribution Table