Ways to save money

Ways to Save Money

It’s difficult to save money but everyone wants to save and reach their financial goals. What we have below are the ways from successful persons who actually save money by doing these simple steps. All we need is discipline to save, Yes! you heard it right discipline will help you to save more, start to stop tricking yourself and start saving a lot. You can use the extra cash to funding your emergency fund, to pay your debt or to start investing in mutual funds or place it on stocks.

3 Ways to Save Money

Every Coin is Important

Ways to Save Money

Start by saving every coin you received. The story of Janeth also called the “Barya Quen” will inspire you to save your coins. From coins to tuition fee, do you know that Janeth saved a total of P45,000 in 3 months just by saving 5 pesos for her daughter’s tuition fee?

How is that possible? What’s her secret? She saved all her five and ten pesos coins she got from her sari-sari store. Yes, it’s possible with self-discipline, she’s determined to save for her daughter’s tuition and she reached her financial goal.

52-Week Money Challenge

52-Week Money Challenge

This news had been viral in social media and lot of Filipinos are inspired and start doing it. The story of Rheca Morroc also known as the “Kuripot Pinay” do the 52-week money challenged and managed to save over P60,000! So what is the 52 Week Challenge? It’s saving in pesos increments weekly. How does it work? If you decide to save 50 pesos in your first week, what you need to do is to double the money in the next week, total of P100, then by the third week, you need to triple the amount, do it incrementally, and you can be like Rheca who consistently saved and reached finish her 52 week money challenged.

P50 money saving Challenge

P50 money saving Challenge

A girl named Netizen Yona Abella make the social media her way to saved money. What’s her technique? She was able to save 846 pieces of P50 pesos in just 5 months. Yona said that she treats all her P50 bills as invisible. “For example nag bayad ka ng buong 500 pesos then ang sinukli sayo 4 na 50’s , yung 4pcs na 50’s dapat invisible sakin hindi ko siya pwedeng gastusin,” she stated on her post.

A lot of netizens have been inspired with Yona’s accomplishment, in her way of saving money.

Whether money saving challenge you will try what’s  important is for you to develop the habit of saving. Once you get the hang of it, you will surely be  successful on whatever money saving challenge you will take.

So, are you up for the challenge? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below. If you’ll ask me when is the time to save money? Now it is!


how much morning coffee costing you

How much your coffee actually costs you

A friend of mine who i haven’t get in touched with for some time suddenly asked me:

Besh! Kamusta ka na? When are you free? Lets have coffee.

Sounds familiar? Power!

No my friend, i wont fall to that kind of invite ever again!

Anyway, have you already had your coffee fix this cold and rainy morning?

Do you prefer your coffee instant or brewed from popular coffee shop so that its more “sosyal”?

Do you know how much your coffee costs you?

If you opt to buy one from popular coffee shop it will usually costs you around 150 pesos.

Meron dyan iba SB padin ang trip kahit na 200 pesos nalang ang laman ng wallet nya!

Its not good for you and your wallet!

how much morning coffee costing you

This is how much your coffee consumption actually costs you a year.

If you buy coffee everyday that costs 150:

150 Php x 30 = 4500 Php

If you buy coffee only once a week, it will costs you:

150 Php x 4 = 600 Php

If you only buy coffee to reward your self ever payday, it will costs you:

150 Php x 2 = 300 Php


Besh in a year how much do you usually spend on coffee?

4500 Php x 12 = 54000 Php
600 Php x 12 = 7200 Php
150 Php x 12 = 1800 Php


Now, multiply that by the number of years you are working and check out how much you already spent on coffee alone.

Partida na friend wala pa dyan ung mga extra coffee dates mo or yung times na nanglibre ka ng coffee, or ung nilibre mo ung long time no see mo na friend tapos dadalhin ka lang pala sa seminar for networking! Power diba?


Lets say you only buy coffee during payday and you already working for 5 years.

You already spent 9000 Pesos for coffee in span of 5 years.

How much your coffee actually costs you

Do you know that you can already use that money to start your emergency fund, open a mutual fund account or UITF fund or paying a bad debt?

So next time you crave for a cold or hot coffee consider these numbers and think if its something you really “want or need”.

If you want to be a true blue frugal pinoy then you have to aware on your expenditures, budgeting and making your money grow.

So ano mga besh, open minded ka ba? Coffee tayo?



How to Get 5% Senior Citizen Discount on Water and Electricity Bills?


We all know the basic necessities of using electricity electric fans, television, lights, refrigerator, computer, microwave. Most senior citizens allocate their time with these appliances turned on. With that being said, if you have a senior citizen at home you’re lucky because they can get a 5% discount! Yes! A Senior Citizen can get discounts on Water and Electric Bills. This post will help you to understand how it works. Make sure to read the guidelines provided below.

Remember the following:

1. The senior citizen should be the one registered in utility for your water or electric bill

senior citizen discount in meralco
2. Consumption for monthly should not exceed 100 kWh of electricity or 30 cubic meters of

senior citizen discount in water bills
3. Regardless of how many citizens in the household, discount is granted

How to avail the discount?

The senior citizen should personally register for the application or can be a representative as long as an authorization letter and a valid ID are presented from the senior citizens. Note: Annual renewal of application for the utility provider

Requirements are as follows:

a. Proof of age and citizenship
b. Proof of billing. Meter registration should be in the name of the senior citizen for a period of one year
c. Proof of residence

For more details, Click here.

back to school

Ways to Save on School Supplies

Look for Sales and Discounts

 back to school

There are a lot of promos and discounts in malls and outlets, don’t forget to take advantage of it, wait for the right time to shop. Make sure to check malls and outlet stores to save money on school supplies. If you are lucky you can also get discounts and freebies are much higher on these dates.

Don’t forget to Reuse and Recycle

This is probably one of the great ways to save money this school year. One great example is reused notebooks from last year for this year. The best way to do it is to combine unused pages to make a new one or you might want to try to use it as scratch instead.

Prepare your list and stick to it

Get a paper and pen, then write down the list of things to buy so you will be ready for shopping time. The creative way to save money is to make your kids involved by telling them that saving money is important. Ask them what they really need, and stick on the list created.


Things You Can Do This Summer

1. Watch Movies

Thinking of a staycation this summer? Then to have a movie marathon by yourself or your friends is the answer. It’s funny you know it, download your favorite movie and watch it! By watching movies you can surely get some of the summers. If don’t have time for downloads, or you think it would be just a waste of time, you can try watching your favorite film in Netflix or Iflix.

2. Swimming


One of the great things everybody would like to during summer is to swim. Spending your summer at the pool was a great opportunity to relax a little bit. The splashing or jumping in a pool, a hot tub or beach while reading a magazine is the B.E.S.T way to spend your summer.

3. Eating your favorites


Who doesn’t love eating? No one. Just make use of the summer to cook or eat your favorite food outside, beating the heat. There’s no coolest way to think that you cannot do something besides eating. Search out what food you’d always want to eat and eat it!


Valentines Gift Ideas

Check out the best gifts you can give to your partner this Valentines Day!

1. Couple Shirt

Be creative or create your own Couple Shirt! One of the great trends that your partner will love is this! Create your own design, style, choose what color you like, and print your sweet and awesome couple shirt. He/She will surely love it. Create yours now, this will save you time, and money as well. Your valentine’s day romantic gifts should not be limited to material things, sometimes a statement like couple shirt is a good way to express how much you love your partner is. A good valentines gift ideas for her is something that will show how much you love her and  how sincere your feelings are for her. Beyond the material things like diamonds and bags, girls dig it when you give more effort on your gift.

Valentines Gift Ideas - Couple Shirt2. Customize Mug

Thinking of a perfect gift with a low budget? Customized Mug is a good one! Print a picture of your partner in life, you may think of a quote or message, partner’s name, or anything you like that your partner will always remember when he/she drinks in the mug. Guys are usually easier to please compare to girls. That’s why thinking of a good valentine’s day gift ideas for him should be easy like a customize mug if your man loves to drink coffee. Start with the things that your guy love or like to do and make it something special.

Valentines Gift Ideas - Love Statement Mug

3. A Love Letter

One of the sweetest thing you can do for your partner is to give him/her a sweet message or a love letter! Share your thoughts, what you love about him/her, what you want in the future, your dreams together, and goals in life. Writing a letter for your partner is a very special move to show your love. A love letter is  one of the best and creative valentine gifts both for husbands and wife. Its sentimental, personal and very unique. Remind your partner where you started, how you felt when you first hold hands, your first kiss and your promise of forever and surely your partner will fall head over heels again to you.

Valentines Gift Ideas - Love Letter


Financial Goals for First Time Workers

2017 Financial Goals for First Time Workers

Are you a Fresh Graduate, or starting a new job this coming 2017? Then this article is for you! Know your do’s and don’t once you started earning money. We sum up below goals that will help you aim your dreams or wishes this 2017. Financial goals require regular saving or investments for a long period of time, you can start by following the tips below.

Financial Goals for First Time Workers

1. Save for Emergencies

You didn’t know what time or day would you spend more of your money. Better start saving your money now for unexpected expenses that will occur in your life. Life is full of surprises, today you have lots of money tomorrow it can be gone. That’s why we need to be prepared in handling emergency situations and building your emergency fund is a must!

2. Set your Budget

Once you received your first salary on your first job, avoid wasting it in unnecessary things, remember that it’s important to have goals or a plan first on your expenses monthly. Set your budget! You can list down all your expenses monthly and to know how much do you need before your next salary. Save first before spending. In this way, you’ll have the plan on how much money you’ll spend. Read our previous posts below to help you in budgeting your hard earned money!

3. Create your Personal Bank Account

Having your personal bank account is important because you will have own access to your money when you need it. You don’t need to bring a lot of cash, plus having a peace of mind and security that your cash won’t get stolen or lost. Check out the different savings account and compare them first before you open an account.

4. Get the Insurance you need

At an early age, taking care of your health and be prepared in any circumstances that will occur is very important. Research, or ask your friends to come up with the best insurance that will fit your needs. Even if you’re young, and healthy you’ll never know what would happen, so make sure to avail one. One more reason why you should get an insurance while you are young is because insurance premiums are usually lower compared to when you reach your 30’s, 40′ and so on.

How to Save Money when Buying Gifts for Holidays?

Christmas is coming, now is the right time to save  budget. To help you save money on holiday gifts, read the post below and know the great ways follow the tips below.


1. Start planning

Before do shopping online or in the malls, take the time to think your spending plan for the Christmas holidays. Start creating a list of those who would you buy and how much would you spend for that person. It’s better to create your list than putting out money for less or more gifts. Keep in mind to save early to spread the cost.

2. Set a budget

Begin your budget by listing how much the estimated amount you needed in buying presents, allocate the amount for each person in your list. Include the other expenses like food, gifts, decorations, travel, and other things you do during Christmas. By creating your budget you will know how much you need to save for in time before Christmas day. You can also try to set up a money jar system to budget your money.

3. Took advantage of offers online

There are a bunch of offers online that offers discounts and promo. This is a great opportunity to save money, this benefit will be great for you to save money on buying gifts. Check the top social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where you can be updated with the latest trends that you can afford.

4. Create a Shopping List

Don’t go without a list of the items you needed for Christmas. This will prevent
impulse buying, where in you can avoid shopping in advance or a sudden impulse. Have an allotted money to make sure everything’s good and stick to it, with this, you can assure yourself to relax and have a wonderful time in your Christmas shopping.

5. Make homemade gifts

Creating homemade gifts is one of the great ways to save money this Christmas. There are a lot of options to do like baking cakes, creating Christmas cards, crafting, instead of buying presents. Keep in mind your future plans to have plenty time to create gifts. Search to find ideas online in making your own homemade gift now!

How First Time Workers in a Corporate World can Save in their Day to Day Life


Starting your first job can be scary. You’ll probably thinking a lot of things in your first day, like what would you do, how would you handle new colleagues, what’s your supervisor like, will you survive? No need to worry anymore because the tips below would probably save your day first day.

Accept that You’re a Newbie

You might love your position and will do anything to be good at it. But if you show up disinterested, unfriendly or rude you could end up loosing your job. Being amiable and cheerful will help you to keep in most workplaces. Accept the fact that you’re new and you need to make friends even if you can do your work on your own.

Be Contented in your First Salary

Competing with fresh graduates is hard, you can be better than them but there will be a lot better than you. Lot of employers will make a basis of the salary you want. Help yourself to be contented in your first salary, it’s not important how much you earn as long as your working in professional workforce. Bare a little while, you can always negotiate a raise after six months or at least a year.

Everything Communicates

How you speak, how you dress, the way you talk define you. Everyone will be looking at you in your first day. If you want to succeed in a corporate environment, you have to communicate in a way that others will not be offended. Show them that you are a kind of employee that can bring success in the company.

Be Competent

Whatever you do, be competent. Show what you got and that you deserve to be there. Be confident. Don’t ponder to share what you know, and what you believe if it’s the right thing to do. Don’t others look down on you because your young, but make them see that you’re not just an ordinary employee, you have the condidence to bring achievement in your employer.

Challenge Yourself

Don’t stop learning, you’ll never know how long would you last in your company. Things will change and it will not be always your way. You probably got a job that you love, but don’t don’t stop reaching your goals. Set your goals for yourself.