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Ways to save money on holiday

We are already half way through 2018 but there’s still a lot of things that we anticipate!

If there’s something 2018’s got a lot of, it’s long weekends! Which is perfect for scheduling that much-awaited barkada or family trip!

You may already know that there are two long weekends coming up next month.

August 18-21, the 21st being Ninoy Aquino Day. File your leave on the 20th. to enjoy 4 days of me time!

August 25-27, 27th being National Heroes’ Day.

This is the perfect time to take a short trip away from work and relax with your favorite cup of tea!

But remember not to blow your budget while you are enjoying your vacation. Here are some ways to save money on holiday to avoid over-spending while you travel.

  1. Bring a water bottle. You can save money by bringing a water bottle when you travel and refilling it on the hotel or shops for free.
  2. Make your own mini meals. Do not skip meals just to save money. Instead of buying lunch and dinner at a restaurant, check out local shops where you can buy cheap local produce like bread, cheese and cold meats and create your own packed lunch. You’ll be surprised at how cheaply you can save money on food. Maybe you can try to pick a nice picnic spot to enjoy the local scenery. Also, you can discover more about the place by checking out the local shops, see what produce or products that they sell. This is also one way of getting off the beaten path and experience the local culture of your destination while avoiding the overpriced hotel lunch and dinners.
  3. Take advantage of a free breakfast. If there is a free breakfast buffet as part of your hotel accommodation then make sure you make the most of it. Try to visit the breakfast buffet before it closes and ask if you can get extra breads, fruits and pastries. Usually, its ok taking what is leftover which will probably just go to waste but remember to ask first. If breakfast is not included then do not spend much on overpriced hotel breakfast. Go out and find a nice local cafe, bread shop that will fill you up at just a fraction of the price.
  4. Head off the beaten track, the closer you are to the tourist hubs the more expensive things will be. Shops with higher tourist customers usually have higher price tags. Sometimes you need to head further if you want to get the best deals whether it be a restaurant, cafe or souvenir shop.
  5. Here in the Philippines, discounts are usually provided to Senior Citizen (age 60 and over) in transportation, food, hotel and Senior Citizen of Manila can even get Free Movies Pass. Students also enjoy discounts on transportation, museums and concert tickets. Available discounts may not be advertised so it’s always worth asking at the counter.
  6. The idea of budgeting on holiday may seem a drag but it if you want to save money while you are on vacation then it will really help you avoid spending money too much. Set yourself a daily amount to cover food, excursions, spontaneous shopping and tips.
  7. You can also check travel blogs like womenality to help you plan your vacation.
  8. How about you try Staycation? Staycations are basically vacations that are spent close to home where you dont have to spend so much on airline tickets and bus fares.
  9. Take advantage of technology and internet. It is easier now to discover, plan and experience the world with just a click of a button. If you are travelling abroad, you can use Klook to discover local cuisines and get discounts.